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Unfortunately in today's world, this has to be here! Please read the following information for health and safety and customer care

Face2Face is not liable for any allergic reaction to paints and cosmetics used. Reputable, suitable, FDA approved paints are used at all times.

We should not paint children under 3 years old. Children's skin under 3 is still sensitive and the immune system is still in development.

Face2Face reserves the right not to paint anyone who is thought to be unwell or suffering from Eczema, Cold Sores, Conjunctivitis, or other skin conditions.

A clean sponge/brush is used for every face and brushes are cleaned regularly between faces as well as clean fresh water.

Face paints can be removed with mild soap and water, or baby wipes. Some colors may leave slight temporary color.

Face2Face can not be liable for clothing. If there is splash or the child rubs their face on their clothes, it is advisable to soak the clothes in cold water before washing for best results as soon as possible.

On occasions we may ask to take a photograph of your child's face for advertising purposes. We will always ask for permission and may ask you to sign a consent form.